What is another word for meeter?

5 synonyms found


[ mˈiːtə], [ mˈiːtə], [ m_ˈiː_t_ə]

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Synonyms for Meeter:

How to use "Meeter" in context?


If you have ever used a meeter in your life, then you know just how much work it can be to keep a construction site clean and organized. A meeter is a rotating, platform-type device that is placed on the ground to collect construction waste. The meeter consists of a large platform that rotates on four large tires, and it has a collection bucket at the top.

This machine is perfect for cleaning up dirt, debris, and construction waste that accumulates on the ground during a construction project. If you are using a meeter on a construction site, you need to be aware of a few things.

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