What is another word for meeting point?

Pronunciation: [mˈiːtɪŋ pˈɔ͡ɪnt] (IPA)

A meeting point is a designated location where individuals gather to engage in discussions or activities. There are various synonyms for meeting point, including rendezvous, gathering place, assembly point, hangout, centralized location, hub, hot spot, and congregation site. A rendezvous is a specific location that individuals plan to meet at a particular time. A gathering place is a spot that people converge to, such as a park or a community center. An assembly point is a location that people go to in case of emergencies. A hangout is a comfortable spot where individuals socialize. A centralized location is a place that is easily accessible to everyone. A hub is a location where activity centers around, and a hot spot is a popular or in-demand location. A congregation site is a location where people come together for religious purposes.

What are the hypernyms for Meeting point?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for meeting point?

Meeting point is a commonly used term to describe a place where individuals or groups meet. However, sometimes a situation demands for antonyms of this word. Antonyms of meeting point are separation point, divergence point, division point or parting point. These words basically signify a point where things move apart or split up. When there is no meeting point, it can lead to conflict, confusion or missed opportunities. Therefore, it is important to plan and establish a common ground where people can converge and work towards a common goal or objective. On the other hand, parting points can be beneficial for individuals or groups who want to go separate ways and pursue their own interests.

What are the antonyms for Meeting point?

Famous quotes with Meeting point

  • Art and science have their meeting point in method.
    Robert Bulwer-Lytton
  • Thus passing through the infinite varieties of space we reach the Divine space which is absolutely free from all dimensions and constitutes the meeting point of all infinities.
    Muhammed Iqbal
  • Art and science have their meeting point in method.
    Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • There should be less talk a preaching point is not a meeting point. What do you do then Take a broom and clean someone's house. That says enough.
    Mother Teresa

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