What is another word for meliorate?

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[ mˈɛli͡əɹˌe͡ɪt], [ mˈɛli‍əɹˌe‍ɪt], [ m_ˈɛ_l_iə_ɹ_ˌeɪ_t]

Meliorate is a word that basically means "to improve" but if you want to avoid repetition and sound more articulate, you can choose from a wide variety of synonyms. For instance, you can use "enhance" to make something better, "refine" to improve its quality, "perfect" to make something flawless, "boost" to increase its effectiveness, or "elevate" to take it to a higher level. Other synonyms include augment, better, enrich, sharpen, polish, upgrade, advance, enrich, optimize, ameliorate, and many more. By using these synonyms, you can make your writing more impressive and elegant while avoiding repetition. It also helps your ideas to come across more clearly and effectively.

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    How to use "Meliorate" in context?

    In a sentence, "meliorate" means to improve or make better. When it comes to words, "meliorate" can refer to either a positive or negative action. For example, if you're a doctor and you want to meliorate your patient's condition, you would improve their health by performing a specific treatment. If you're the manager of a small business and you want to meliorate the stress levels among your employees, you would try to make the workplace more relaxing.

    There are a few different ways that "meliorate" can be used in everyday language.

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