What is another word for melted away?

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[ mˈɛltɪd ɐwˈe͡ɪ], [ mˈɛltɪd ɐwˈe‍ɪ], [ m_ˈɛ_l_t_ɪ_d ɐ_w_ˈeɪ]

"Melted away" is a phrase that is often used to describe the disappearance or dissolving of something. This phrase has some great synonyms that can be used to add variety and add depth to your writing. One alternative could be "dissipated," which implies a gradual disappearance or dispersion. "Evaporated" is another option, suggesting that something has turned into a gas and vanished. "Disintegrated" and "dissolved" are additional options that refer to something breaking apart or disappearing into a liquid. "Vanished" is a simple and effective option, indicating that something has completely disappeared without a trace. Each of these synonyms is a great way to enhance your writing and communicate your ideas in a fresh and creative way.

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