What is another word for mention?

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When writing or speaking, it's easy to get repetitive with certain words. If you find yourself overusing the word "mention," try swapping it out with some synonyms. Here are a few options to choose from: - State: to express something in words. - Refer to: to allude to or mention briefly. - Note: to make a brief comment or observation about something. - Bring up: to introduce or mention as a topic of conversation. - Cite: to quote or refer to a source to support an argument or statement. - Touch on: to briefly mention or discuss a topic without going into detail. By using a variety of synonyms for "mention," you can add more variety and interest to your writing or conversation.

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    In English language, mention means to mention or allude to someone or something. It is also a verb meaning to refer to someone or something in a passing way. When used as a noun, mention can refer to an unspecified person, place, or thing.

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