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Menziesia is a genus of flowering shrubs that are native to North America and Asia. These shrubs are also commonly known as False Azaleas or Appalachian Tea. Menziesia plants are characterized by small, bell-shaped flowers that bloom in late spring or early summer. There are several different species of Menziesia, including the Coastal Menziesia, Mountain Menziesia, and Dwarf Menziesia. While the term Menziesia is the most commonly used name for these shrubs, they can also be referred to as Huckleberry Heath, Mountain Heather, or Southern Mountain Heaths. These synonyms reflect the plant's characteristics, such as its preference for acidic soils and mountainous habitats.

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The genus menziesia encompasses about 60 species of shrubs and trees, native to Australia and New Zealand. Among these, Menziesia reticulata, commonly called mansfieldia, is an outstanding species for its peculiar twisting, spiraling trunk and tall, thin, erect branches.

The genus Menziesia was first formally described by Nicholas Henry Menzies in 1859, based on a specimen collected in the Mansfield district of Victoria, Australia. The name honours Scottish botanist Nicholas Henry Menzies, who first collected plants in the area.

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