What is another word for mercilessly?

Pronunciation: [mˈɜːsɪləslɪ] (IPA)

Mercilessly is an adverb that describes the way someone does something without compassion or pity. Some synonyms for mercilessly include ruthlessly, unmercifully, harshly, severely, and cruelly. These words all convey a sense of cold and heartless behavior. Similarly, phrases such as with an iron fist, without mercy, and no quarter given can also be used as synonyms for mercilessly. It is commonly used to describe an act of violence or aggression, such as a leader dealing with rebels or a hunter killing animals. Whatever the context may be, using synonyms for mercilessly can add depth and intensity to your writing.

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What are the hypernyms for Mercilessly?

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What are the opposite words for mercilessly?

Mercilessly refers to the act of showing no mercy or compassion towards someone or something. Its antonyms are words that convey the opposite meaning, allowing for the expression of sympathy, kindness, or consideration. These antonyms include words like compassionately, tenderly, gently, kindly, humanely, sympathetically, and thoughtfully. Compassionately being the opposite of mercilessly, implies being kind and considerate, showing empathy and understanding towards others. Tenderly shows the act of care and affection towards something, making it the perfect antonym for mercilessly. Kindly, humanely, and sympathetically imply being considerate and humane towards or treating someone with kindness. Using these antonyms can help to paint a different and more positive picture of a situation.

What are the antonyms for Mercilessly?

Usage examples for Mercilessly

mercilessly she was stripping her mind of her illusions, and was clothing it in the harsher weave of reality.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower
I wished to accompany her on this visit to the grave; but no, my request was mercilessly refused.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse
At last, when she perceived that they would mercilessly separate her from her father, and shut her up in a distant convent, from whence no letter from her could reach me, she suddenly determined on apparent submission to every thing for the sake of saving herself and me.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse

Famous quotes with Mercilessly

  • Never, ever deal with terrorists. Hunt them down and, more important, mercilessly punish those states and groups that fund, arm, support, or simply allow their territories to be used by the terrorists with impunity.
    Meir Kahane
  • Positive thinking often helps while coping with stress in life. However there can be occasions when it may not work for you, and you may get overwhelmed with negative thoughts. At that crossroad, you should make a turn, even a U-turn if necessary, and confront your negative thoughts fearlessly. You should now combat those negative thoughts one by one, mercilessly - by using scientific and analytical reasonings, and demanding substantiating evidence from negative thoughts. Once you start defeating those negative thoughts as irrational or unfounded or baseless, you'll find yourself getting close to the realm of positivity. Combating negativity ruthlessly - that's a new tool in your tool box along with your favorite hammer of positive thinking! Cheers!
    Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate
  • Heat the age of twenty two, wrote... a letter which has been an object of wonder among political thinkers ever since. Its subject was paper money. Discussing the ideas of John Law, and especially the essay of Terrasson which had supported them, he dissected them mercilessly, but in a way useful not only in those times but in these.
    Andrew Dickson White
  • Frozen, right? But to others, it looks like you're calm as could be. That's why some of the others tease you so mercilessly sometimes. They think you're made of stone, and they want to break in and touch the human feelings. They just don't know that when you seem most stony, that's when you're the most frightened and breakable.
    Orson Scott Card
  • Whatever the reasons behind dubbing Modi an international pariah and the subject of a diplomatic boycott involving both the US and the European Union member states, one conclusion was inescapable: it was a brazen attempt to pronounce judgment on the internal affairs of a sovereign country. Modi, after all, hadn’t been held guilty [of] "mass murder" by an Indian criminal court. Indeed, there were no charges against him then or subsequently. Yes, the Gujarat leader had been pilloried mercilessly by both his political opponents and the human rights lobby that has formidable international links. A political aversion to Modi was translated into the diplomatic censure of a man who held a [c]onstitutional position. It was a step too far and one that didn't lend itself to an easy U-turn.
    Swapan Dasgupta

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