What is another word for meritocracy?

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Meritocracy is a system where rewards are given based on ability and achievement, rather than social status or wealth. Synonyms for the word meritocracy include egalitarianism, a system that places importance on equality and equal distribution of resources. Similarly, a system based on merit can be referred to as a merit-based system. A more political synonym for meritocracy is technocracy, where governance is carried out by technically skilled people. Other synonyms for meritocracy include theocracy, aristocracy, and oligarchy, but these terms are less precise as they refer to systems of governance with many other characteristics than merit.

How to use "Meritocracy" in context?

Meritocracy is a system in which those who are deserving are given opportunities and rewards based on their performance. Meritocracy is a cornerstone of many democracies because it allows the best candidates to be selected for positions and allows for everyone to have an equal opportunity to achieve success. In a meritocracy, people are judged based on their achievements, rather than their birthright or influential family. Meritocracy is often seen as a good thing because it allows for the best to succeed, and it inspires individuals to work hard in order to achieve their goals.

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