What is another word for merriness?

Pronunciation: [mˈɛɹɪnəs] (IPA)

Merriness is a state of being cheerful, joyful, and festive. It is a feeling associated with happiness, warmth, and excitement. If you want to describe merriness in different words, you can use various synonyms such as jollity, glee, cheer, jubilation, festivity, mirth, exhilaration, and gladness. These words are commonly used to express the spirit of celebration, happiness, and enjoyment. You can use these synonyms in various contexts, for example, when describing someone's mood during a party or when expressing your own feelings of joy and happiness. So, whether you prefer jollity or jubilation, there are plenty of synonyms to describe the feeling of merriness!

What are the opposite words for merriness?

Merriness is a feeling of joy and happiness that comes from experiencing something enjoyable, lighthearted, or amusing. While merriness is usually associated with feelings of delight and positivity, there are several antonyms - words that mean the opposite - that describe different emotions. For example, the antonym for merriness is typically considered to be "sorrow," "sadness," "grief," "agony," or "melancholy." These words all describe negative emotions that are the opposite of merriness. Other antonyms for merriness include "misery," "woe," "lamentation," "anguish," and "depression." These words describe feelings of sadness and distress that are the polar opposite of merriment.

Usage examples for Merriness

A grander spectacle never was of laborious man's creation; and the work of the Lord combined to show it to the best advantage-dark headlands in the distance standing as a massive background, long pellucid billows lifting bulk Titanic, and lace-like maze, sweet air wandering from heaven, early sun come fresh from dew, all the good-will of the world inspiring men to merriness.
"Springhaven A Tale of the Great War"
R. D. Blackmore
She's a back-bred un,' he said, giving me a knowing wink as he pulled off his calf-skin waistcoat and tossed it on to a chair at the further end of the room with a certainty of aim that would have been marvellous, even had he been entirely free from market-merriness.
Theodore Watts-Dunton
In places I could clearly see how they had chased and pursued each other, running, and there was a merriness about their spoors, a suggestion of swiftness which made me look up and about to see whether they were not wheeling their restless curves and circles overhead.
"Over Prairie Trails"
Frederick Philip Grove

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