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A "merry-go-round" is a classic attraction often found at carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks. Other synonyms for this popular ride include carousel, roundabout, whirligig, and spinning wheel. The term "carousel" is often used to refer to a larger and more ornate version of a merry-go-round, while a "roundabout" may also be used to describe a traffic circle or rotary. Similarly, the term "whirligig" can refer to any whirling or spinning device, while a "spinning wheel" is typically used to describe a device for spinning yarn or thread. No matter what you call it, a ride on a merry-go-round is always sure to bring joy and excitement to riders of all ages.

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How to use "Merry-go-round" in context?

When people think of a merry-go-round, they most likely think of a fun ride for children. These days, merry-go-rounds can also be found in amusement parks and fairs. Merry-go-rounds are old-fashioned rides that have a series of rotating circles. People ride on a round platform that is mounted on a large, moving wheel. The platform is made to seat a small number of riders at a time, and it usually moves around a large, central hub. When people get on the platform, they are seated in a circle around the wheel.

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