What is another word for mescal bean?

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[ mˈɛskə͡l bˈiːn], [ mˈɛskə‍l bˈiːn], [ m_ˈɛ_s_k_əl b_ˈiː_n]

Mescal bean is a common name for Sophora secundiflora, a perennial shrub found in certain regions of North and Central America. It is also known as Texas mountain laurel, frijolillo, and masita. The plant is well known for its beautiful and fragrant flowers and for the seeds, which are used in traditional medicine. The mescal bean contains the toxic alkaloid cytisine, which makes it dangerous if consumed in large quantities. Many Native American tribes use the mescal bean in traditional ceremonies, such as the Lipan Apache and the Comanche. Despite its potential dangers, the mescal bean remains a popular and important plant in many cultures, and its various synonyms reflect its unique properties and uses.

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How to use "Mescal bean" in context?

The mescal bean is a small, dark, wrinkled bean that is dried for future use. The mescal bean is the traditional liquor of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico. Mescal is made from the fermented beans of the mescal bean plant. The beans are soaked in a solution of water, wormwood, and aniseed, then spiced with chili peppers. The result is a strong liquor that is used as a social and celebratory beverage in the Pueblo Indian culture.

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