What is another word for metacyesis?

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Metacyesis is a rare term that refers to the repetition of the same general life cycle, such as the alternation of generations in plants. While there are not many synonyms for metacyesis, the concept may be described using more common phrases. For example, one might use the term "life cycle repetition" or "recurring stages of development." Alternatively, one could describe the process as "repetitive growth and maturation" or "repetitive developmental cycles." It's worth noting that while metacyesis is a highly specific term, it is not one that is commonly used in everyday language.

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How to use "Metacyesis" in context?

Metacyesis (Greek: "change of form") is a property of life whereby a sub-group of a living organism may change its morphology or physiology to match the environment in which it lives. It is a fundamental feature of all life and is a prerequisite for existence. Inevitably, metacyesis allows a life form to establish and perpetuate itself in changing environments, whether those environments are more favourable or less favourable.

Metacyesis is a natural process used by life forms to adapt to their surroundings.

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