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Metadata is information that provides context and description of data. There are many synonyms for metadata, including "data about data", "information about information", "descriptor data", "schema data", "attribute data", "catalogue data" and "structural data". Other synonyms for metadata include "header data", "administrative data", "secondary data", "contextual data", "relational data", and "reference data". All these synonyms help to describe the purpose and function metadata plays in data management. Regardless of the name given to metadata, the crucial understanding is that it provides critical information to help understand and manage the underlying data.

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How to use "Metadata" in context?

Metadata is data about data. It's the information that accompanies a digital file or record, such as the creator, date, and title of the file. metadata can help you find and use a file more easily, and it can help you keep track of changes to a file.

Typically, metadata is stored in a different format than the data itself. For example, a photo might have metadata that describes the camera used to take the photo, the time it was taken, and the person who took the photo.

metadata can be found on many types of files, including text files, photos, and music.

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