What is another word for metasis?

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[ mˌɛtəsˈiz], [ mˌɛtəsˈiz], [ m_ˌɛ_t_ə_s_ˈi_z]

Metastasis refers to the spread of cancer cells from the original site of the disease to other parts of the body. It is a serious condition that requires immediate attention. Synonyms for metastasis include invasion, infiltration, and dissemination. Other synonyms include malignancy, cancerous growth, and tumor. The term is also sometimes used in a metaphorical sense to describe the spread of an idea, belief, or culture. In this context, synonyms for the word can include propagation, diffusion, and dissemination. It is important to be aware of the various synonyms for the word in order to have a clear understanding of what is being discussed.

How to use "Metasis" in context?

Metasis, from the Greek words metas, meaning "outside," and isos, meaning "same," refers to a change in ownership of a company or property, outside the regular legal process. Metasis is often used in business Transactions, such as the sale of a company, the divestiture of assets, and the acquisition of a controlling interest in another company. There are several types of metasis that can occur in business, such as metathesis, metamorphosis, metamorphism, and metamorphy.

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