What is another word for mickle?

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The word "mickle" is an uncommon term that refers to a large quantity or amount. Although it is not frequently used in everyday language, there are several synonyms that convey a similar meaning, such as "abundant," "ample," "copious," "plentiful," and "profuse." Other possible synonyms include "bountiful," "generous," "numerous," "significant," and "substantial." These terms describe something that exists in large amounts, whether it be a physical quantity or an abstract concept. When looking for alternative words to use in place of "mickle," consider the overall context and tone of the message to ensure that the right synonym is chosen.

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    Mickle is a Scottish word meaning "a large quantity," related to " hundred " (hundred = 100). It is commonly used in informal speech and writing, and has been recorded in print since the 17th century. Mickle is not formally defined, but is generally considered to refer to anything from a handful to a bucketful.

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