What is another word for microprocessor?

Pronunciation: [mˌa͡ɪkɹə͡ʊpɹˈə͡ʊsɛsə] (IPA)

A microprocessor is a type of electronic processor that is responsible for executing instructions in a computer. Some synonyms for microprocessor include CPU (central processing unit), chip, processor, silicon chip, microchip, and integrated circuit. These terms refer to the same basic element of a computer system that performs the primary calculations and controls data flow between different hardware components. Chip and microchip are two colloquial synonyms that are often used when discussing the hardware aspects of microprocessors, while CPU and processor are more general and technical terms. Silicon chip and integrated circuit refer more specifically to the construction and materials used in microprocessors.

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Usage examples for Microprocessor

Its brain of course is a microprocessor, programmed to let it walk in different styles, just as we do.
"The Samurai Strategy"
Thomas Hoover

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