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Mile is a unit of distance measurement commonly used around the world. However, there are some excellent synonyms to mile that you might like to use in your writing to make it more varied. For example, a "league" is a unit of measurement equal to three miles, and a "kilometer" is another commonly used unit of distance measurement. A "furlong" is another measurement that is equivalent to one-eighth of a mile. A "yard" is a little bit shorter than a mile, but it's still another synonym to consider. Lastly, a "click" is a military slang term that is often used to mean a kilometer, which is approximately 0.6 miles in distance.

How to use "Mile" in context?

Mile is a unit of linear measure equal to 1,609 feet, or 5,000 meters. Usage of the term comes from the Roman mile, which was 1,000 paces. A Roman yard, 1,760 feet, also served as a unit of linear measure.

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