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Military is a term that can be used interchangeably with other words that describe the armed forces or services. Some possible synonyms include military forces, soldiers, troops, armed services, defense forces, and the armed forces. Other related terms may include paramilitary or para-military, which are organizations that operate outside of the traditional military structure but still perform military-like functions. Additionally, terms such as martial or warrior may be used to describe the mindset or attitude of those within the military. Overall, military is a broad term that encompasses many different aspects of organized armed conflict and defense.

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How to use "Military" in context?

Military is one of the most relied-upon branches of government. It protects the nation and its people from enemies both foreign and domestic. When it comes to the military, it is important to understand the different branches and duties of the military.

Military service is an important part of a citizen's life. It is an opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills, gain work experience, and develop enduring friendships.

The purpose of the military is to protect the nation and its people. This is done through the provision of security, defending the country, and conducting humanitarian missions.

The military is made up of civilians and military personnel.

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