What is another word for mill wheel?

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[ mˈɪl wˈiːl], [ mˈɪl wˈiːl], [ m_ˈɪ_l w_ˈiː_l]

Mill wheels, also known as water wheels, are ancient devices used to harness the power of flowing water to grind grains into flour. While 'mill wheel' is widely used, there are several synonyms to describe this engineering marvel. It can be called a 'watermill wheel', 'gristmill wheel', 'crank wheel' or 'turning wheel'. The term 'overshot wheel' is used to describe a specific type of mill wheel where water is directed onto the wheel on the upper side. Another similar device that is often confused with mill wheels is the 'turbine', which is an improved version of the wheel with better efficiency. With advancements in modern technology, mill wheels have become less common, but they remain an important part of human history and engineering.

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How to use "Mill wheel" in context?

The mill wheel is an essential part of an early flour mill. The first mill wheels were horizontal engines that crushed wheat or other grains between large stones. As the technology for milling grain improved, the mill wheel was replaced by more automated devices. The modern mill wheel is a vertical milling machine that uses gears to grind the grain. It is still used in small mills and breweries.

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