What is another word for millennia?

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[ mɪlˈɛni͡ə], [ mɪlˈɛni‍ə], [ m_ɪ_l_ˈɛ_n_iə]

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    How to use "Millennia" in context?

    1. A millennium is a period of 1,000 years.

    2. The first millennium began on January 1, 1000 AD.

    3. The second millennium ended on December 31, 2000 AD.

    4. The third millennium began on January 1, 2001 AD.

    5. The fourth millennium ended on December 31, 2100 AD.

    6. The fifth and final millennium will begin on January 1, 2100 AD.

    7. During the first millennium, the Middle East was in a state of turmoil.

    8. The Byzantine Empire was crumbling, andFrancewas ruled by a series of Borbones.

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