What is another word for milquetoast?

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[ mˈɪlkwɪtˌə͡ʊst], [ mˈɪlkwɪtˌə‍ʊst], [ m_ˈɪ_l_k_w_ɪ_t_ˌəʊ_s_t]

Milquetoast, a term that originated from a popular comic strip in the 1930s, refers to someone who is timid, weak, and lacking in assertiveness. If you're looking for alternative words to describe such individuals, there's an extensive list to choose from. Words like spineless, meek, shy, feeble, indecisive, and non-confrontational come to mind. Other synonyms are subservient, unassertive, docile, passive, and acquiescent. You can also use words like timid, mild, fainthearted, reticent, and diffident to describe people who lack courage or confidence. Whatever term you choose to use, it's important to remember that milquetoast is a label that can be hurtful or dismissive, so it's best used with caution.

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    There are many words that describe people who are too afraid to express their real feelings, even when it may be the smart thing to do. These people are known as "milquetoasts." They are usually shy and prone to self-doubt, which leads them to inaction in situations that would require more assertiveness or bravery.

    This complex personality trait can be traced back to early experiences that make a person timid. If a milquetoast is constantly made to feel like they are not up to the task, or that they are not good enough, they may internalize those feelings and become what some call a "milquetoast.

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