What is another word for minimum?

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When trying to convey the idea of minimum, it's important to have a few synonyms in your vocabulary. These words can be helpful when you're trying to write concisely or when you're trying to emphasize the need for a low threshold. Some synonyms for the word minimum include a bare minimum, the least amount, the minimum requirement, the minimum necessary, the smallest amount, the slightest, and the lowest. These words all convey the idea of something that's minimal or small, but they all have their own levels of emphasis. By having these synonyms in your vocabulary, you'll be able to express the idea of minimum more effectively.

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    Minimum is a term used in law and economics that refers to a determinate lower limit or quantity below which something is not accepted. For example, under United States law, a strike is considered to have started when employees no longer produce goods at a "minimal economic level.

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