What is another word for ministries?

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The word ministries is often used to refer to government departments responsible for specific areas of administration. However, there are several synonyms for this word that can be used to refer to different types of organizations or groups. Some of these synonyms include agencies, bureaus, departments, divisions, offices, boards, and commissions. Each of these words can be used to describe a different type of organization with a specific purpose. For example, an agency may be responsible for regulating a particular industry while a bureau may handle investigations and research. Departments often refer to large organizations within a government or corporation, while boards and commissions are often created to provide oversight and governance.

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How to use "Ministries" in context?

There is no single definition for the term "ministry." In general, it refers to any organization or institution charged with carrying out a set of activities or services. Some common ministries include churches, schools, hospitals, and governments.

A ministry can be any size and it can have a variety of responsibilities. Some ministries focus on spiritual matters, while others deal with practical issues like education or healthcare.

The role of a ministry depends on the specific organization or institution it represents. However, all ministries have one common goal - to help people.

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