What is another word for miscellany?

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[ mɪsˈɛləni], [ mɪsˈɛləni], [ m_ɪ_s_ˈɛ_l_ə_n_i]

Miscellany is a word used to describe a diverse or varied collection. Synonyms for miscellany include assortment, collection, compendium, medley, melange, mishmash, potpourri, and variety. These words all suggest a mixture of different things, whether objects, ideas, or sources. An assortment implies a varied selection of items, while a collection suggests a more deliberate gathering of similar objects. A compendium is a comprehensive collection of ideas or information, while a medley typically refers to a mixture of musical pieces. A melange and a mishmash imply a hodgepodge of different and often dissimilar elements, while a potpourri can refer to a mixture of fragrances or a varied collection of literary works. Overall, these synonyms highlight the diversity of a miscellany and the many ways in which it can be composed.

Related words: miscellany, tangential, incidental, asides, unrelated, assorted, assorted items

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    How to use "Miscellany" in context?

    People's lives can be very hectic. Juggling work, family, and social activities can be difficult. In order to make everything run smoothly, people often rely on miscellany. This term refers to any tiny bit of information that can help a person function better. For example, when one is stuck on a question for a test, they might reach for a miscellany book to look up the answer. Miscellany can also refer to the mundane tasks that people must perform every day.

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