What is another word for misdating?

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[ mɪsdˈe͡ɪtɪŋ], [ mɪsdˈe‍ɪtɪŋ], [ m_ɪ_s_d_ˈeɪ_t_ɪ_ŋ]

Misdating occurs when a date is assigned incorrectly to an event or document. Some synonyms for misdating include backdating, postdating, pre-dating, and incorrectly dating. Backdating is the act of assigning a date in the past to a document or event. Postdating is assigning a date in the future to a document or event. Pre-dating is assigning a date that is earlier than the actual date. Incorrectly dating is the general term for assigning a date that does not match the actual date. All of these terms are used to describe the act of assigning an incorrect or inappropriate date to a document or event.

How to use "Misdating" in context?

Misdating is a term used to describe when someone dates someone who is not their ideal match. It can be frustrating when you're trying to find someone special and someone you're considering dating is not quite right for you.

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