What is another word for misquote?

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Misquote, a word that means quoting someone incorrectly, can also be referred to by various synonyms. One synonym for this term is to "misrepresent" something that was said or done. Another synonym could be to "mistranslate," which signifies that the quote was not translated properly. Other synonym options include "take out of context" or "quote out of context," signifying that the quote might have been accurate, but it was not accurately portrayed in its context. Lastly, "misattribute" can be used in cases where the quote is attributed to the wrong individual. In conclusion, while there are several synonyms for "misquote," all of them describes different ways in which a quote can be taken out of context, inaccurately portrayed, or misattributed.

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How to use "Misquote" in context?

When a speaker quotes someone out of context, they are quoting inaccurately. This can often result in a misquote. Here are seven common types of misquotes:

1. False Attribution - When a speaker falsely attributes a quote to another person, the audience may not be able to tell that the quote was incorrectly attributed.

2. False Pleading - When a speaker quotes someone in order to make their argument stronger, but fails to mention that the quote was taken out of context, the speaker may be falsely posing as the original speaker.

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