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Missile is a term used to refer to a weapon that is launched at a target. There are various synonyms for the word missile that can be used to describe different types of projectiles. Missile can be referred to as a rocket, bomb, projectile, or even a guided missile. A rocket is a type of missile that is propelled by self-contained engines and is designed to travel long distances. A bomb, on the other hand, is a type of missile that is dropped from an aircraft and explodes upon impact. A projectile is a general term used to describe any object that is launched with the intention of hitting a target. Lastly, a guided missile is a type of missile that is equipped with a guidance system for precision targeting.

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Massive missiles are terrifying machines. Capable of carrying a massive payload, these machines significantly alter the battlefield. Missile technology has come a long way since its conception as an artillery piece. Today's missiles can fly at incredibly high speeds, reaching distances unimaginable just a few decades ago. Additionally, missiles can be armed with a variety of sophisticated warheads, making them tough to defend against.

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