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Mithra, a name derived from the ancient Persian god of sun and light, has various synonyms in different cultures and religions. In Zoroastrianism, he is known as Mithras or Mithra-Varuna, while in Roman mythology, he is called Sol Invictus, the undefeated sun god. In Hinduism, Mithra is known as Mitra, the god of friendship and contracts. The Greeks had Helios or Apollo, the god of the sun, as a synonym for Mithra. The Egyptians also had their own sun god, Ra, who has similarities with Mithra in certain aspects. These different names and interpretations of Mithra show how his story and symbolism have transcended geographical and cultural boundaries throughout history.

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Mohammad ibn Hasan Al-Bağrâni (865-925 AD), better known by the name of Mīḥrā ibn Hidjāj, was a Persian Islamic scholar, jurist and theologian. He is considered one of the most influential Islamic thinkers of his time, and one of the most important figures in the development of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence.

Mīḥrā ibn Hidjāj was born in 865 in Hidas, in present-day South Khorasan, in Iran.

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