What is another word for mixed-blood?

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Mixed-blood is a term that refers to a person who has a combination of different racial or ethnic backgrounds. However, this term can be seen as outdated and offensive to some individuals. Therefore, it is important to use alternative terms that are more respectful and inclusive. Some synonyms for mixed-blood include multi-ethnic, biracial, multiracial, diverse heritage, mixed-race, hybrid, and dual heritage. Each of these terms acknowledges the individual's unique background without making assumptions about their identity. It is essential to recognize and use respectful language when referring to people's ethnicity, race, and cultural background. By implementing inclusive terminology, we can create a more accepting and equitable society.

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    How to use "Mixed-blood" in context?

    People who are classified as mixed-bloods have ancestry from more than one racial or ethnic group. This means that they have components of more than one race in their background. It can also mean that they have traces of both Euro-American and Native American ancestry. Mixed-bloods can be any race, but they are often more visible and less accepted than people with just one racial or ethnic background.

    People who are classified as mixed-bloods often feel different than those who are just of one race. This can be a result of the discrimination they may face, or simply the way they feel on the inside.

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