What is another word for mobilization?

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[ m_ˌəʊ_b_ɪ_l_aɪ_z_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n], [ mˌə͡ʊbɪla͡ɪzˈe͡ɪʃən], [ mˌə‍ʊbɪla‍ɪzˈe‍ɪʃən]

Synonyms for Mobilization:

collection (noun) eastern poison oak (noun) preparation (noun) eastern poison oak Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Mobilization:

  1. integration, proliferation, appreciation, divination, improvisation, escalation, hesitation, privation, extermination, annexation, obligation, formulation, orientation, meditation, ostentation, classification, education, expectation, implementation, maximization, assimilation, reaffirmation, dehydration, industrialization, termination, dedication, explanation, exfoliation, disorganization, pacification, conjugation, segregation, continuation, deforestation, regeneration, devastation, derivation, preoccupation, arbitration, imagination, ratification, remuneration, sophistication, dictation, rotation, liberalization, desalination, imputation, dissertation, incarceration, excitation, exhalation, inhabitation, retardation, jubilation, commemoration, valuation, coagulation, association, usurpation, replication, clarification, desiccation, transformation, anticipation, monopolization, sanitation, litigation, foundation, emanation, limitation, conversation, reformation, prognostication, pagination, annotation, hospitalization, dramatization, denunciation, dissociation, collaboration, orchestration, repudiation, coloration, configuration, titillation, incrimination, desalinization, preparation, inoculation, incantation, excommunication, stimulation, notification, confiscation, altercation, elimination, restoration, incubation, investigation, decontamination, devaluation, publication, transplantation, exasperation, fascination, respiration, reincarnation, inhalation, inauguration, habitation, evaporation, emulation, irradiation, naturalization, admiration, mitigation, generation, certification, cultivation, affirmation, neutralization, recitation, medication, segmentation, amputation, humiliation, alienation, relocation, denomination, desecration, mummification, dissipation, cremation, invalidation, oxidation, dispensation, deification, croatian, visitation, deportation, manifestation, examination, disinclination, exhortation, facilitation, detonation, lactation, stalinization, convocation, automation, recuperation, deregulation, machination, quotation, documentation, expiration, consecration, deviation, sensation, revelation, damnation, punctuation, exacerbation, degradation, miscalculation, generalization, sedation, vindication, corporation, urbanization, capitulation, exhilaration, cohabitation, exploration, communization, mediation, implication, saturation, figuration, corroboration, procreation, simplification, reverberation, elongation, cogitation, disembarkation, germination, conglomeration, temptation, assassination, vacation, mechanization, discoloration, concatenation, realization, confirmation, proclamation, authorization, evaluation, coordination, decoration, alteration, incapacitation, hallucination, aviation, interpretation, consternation, intimidation, gestation, inundation, revocation, vilification, organization, repatriation, solicitation, reparation, authentication, diversification, affectation, cooperation, navigation, celebration, installation, concentration, nullification, modernization, dissemination, identification, harmonization, appropriation, deformation, rationalization, amelioration, congregation, conciliation, flirtation, glaciation, enumeration, vaporization, illustration, qualification, stipulation, sequestration, reconciliation, starvation, fertilization, collectivization, ovation, fluctuation, oration, immunization, narration, frustration, intimation, resignation, ministration, correlation, reservation, gyration, cancellation, masturbation, compilation, commercialization, suffocation, overpopulation, electrification, globalization, permutation, categorization, contamination, irrigation, impregnation, subsidization, condensation, hybridization, salvation, substantiation, operation, compensation, irritation, obfuscation, victimization, congratulation, misinterpretation, misapplication, inspiration, participation, miscreation, stabilization, location, infiltration, tabulation, consummation, recantation, decapitation, reunification, protestation, occupation, federation, coronation, implantation, domestication, variation, stagnation, conflagration, revaluation, differentiation, situation, adjudication, overvaluation, pronunciation, summation, foliation, bifurcation, incarnation, dislocation, reputation, confederation, predestination, isolation, premeditation, optimization, rejuvenation, subordination, fumigation, reallocation, westernization, manipulation, recommendation, relation, invocation, presentation, refrigeration, fermentation, mutation, creation, ovulation, levitation, quantification, resuscitation, triangulation, gratification, inactivation, reexamination, demonstration, disinflation, oscillation, domination, deprivation, notation, sedimentation, justification, illumination, deceleration, fixation, embarkation, flotation, nomination, legalization, innovation, denationalization, unification, liberation, deliberation, exploitation, speculation, initiation, renovation, aggravation, fragmentation, civilization, sanctification, immigration, propagation, adaptation, recreation, equalization, marginalization, approbation, edification, deflation, argumentation, misappropriation, infatuation, perforation, discrimination, organisation, appellation, reorganization, duration, regulation, desegregation, graduation, normalization, undervaluation, amplification, self-congratulation, perturbation, evacuation, pollination, depredation, translation, menstruation, taxation, distillation, unionization, insubordination, alleviation, vulgarization, exclamation, invitation, renunciation, agitation, malformation, falsification, excavation, incrustation, constellation, glorification, annihilation, approximation, application, modulation, transportation, simulation, perspiration, hibernation, pasteurization, experimentation, magnification, allocation, violation, elevation, relaxation, affiliation, exhumation, reiteration, amalgamation, infestation, centralization, refutation, disputation, provocation, libration, disorientation, constipation, vacillation, fabrication, verification, gravitation, population, computation, reclamation, negation, imitation, vibration, calculation, ornamentation, inflation, multiplication, avocation, corp, degeneration, expatriation, purification, strangulation, articulation, molestation, retaliation, consolation, equitation, amortization, complication, agglomeration, estimation, utilization, elation, exoneration, palpitation, combination, instigation, fluoridation, vaccination, destabilization, calibration, profanation, aspiration, separation, miniaturization, interrogation, information, pigmentation, confabulation, legislation, registration, allegation, validation, granulation, indentation, demoralization, consultation, visualization, emigration, conservation, personification, specification, misrepresentation, moderation, perpetuation, liquidation, condemnation, duplication, fortification, importation, codification, procrastination, exaggeration, rehabilitation, localization, motivation, preservation, ramification, impersonation, expropriation, destination, demarcation, instrumentation, magnetization, culmination, dalmatian, consolidation, colonization, desperation, trepidation, precipitation, sterilization, emancipation, disintegration, criminalization, indignation, discontinuation, radiation, modification, dehumanization, standardization, rectification, observation, ejaculation, augmentation, insinuation, commendation, nationalization, echolocation, elaboration, incoordination, ionization, demobilization, tribulation, animation, reconsideration, depreciation, intonation, contemplation, eradication, polarization, maturation, determination, dilation, declaration, vocation, rumination, gradation, reforestation, inflammation, ordination, privatization, revitalization, indication, socialization, ossification, vegetation, dilatation, connotation, adulation, donation, characterization, delineation, desolation, defamation, nonproliferation, democratization, reinvigoration, lubrication, equivocation, origination, delegation, intoxication, confrontation, representation, specialization, evocation, consideration, ventilation, insulation, inclination, formation, accumulation, incorporation, negotiation, communication, remediation, indemnification, designation, adoration, plantation, decentralization, popularization, prostration, toleration, demonization;
  2. station, ration, nation;
  3. cessation, causation, citation, carnation, castration, alsatian, cetacean;
  4. abrogation, activation, aberration, abdication, accusation, acclimation;
  5. accommodation, abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration, abomination;
  6. capitalization, alphabetization;
  7. demilitarization, decriminalization, americanization;
  8. internationalization;

Quotes for Mobilization:

  1. In effect, I was asking that if Russia mobilized against Austria, the German Government, who had been supporting the Austrian demand on Serbia, should ask Austria to consider some modification of her demands, under the threat of Russian mobilization Edward Grey.
  2. Leadership- mobilization toward a common goal. Gary Wills.
  3. When they are preparing for war, those who rule by force speak most copiously about peace until they have completed the mobilization process. Stefan Zweig.

Adjectives for Mobilization:

  • swift and expensive,
  • permanent and full,
  • full nighttime,
  • na­tional,
  • massive political,
  • complete and rapid,
  • possible major,
  • sudden immense,
  • complete german,
  • vast economic,
  • immediate military,
  • industrial and financial,
  • almost military,
  • simulated,
  • iranian,
  • nighttime,
  • unlawful,
  • gradual,
  • financial,
  • underground,
  • limited,
  • subsequent,
  • biggest,
  • weird,
  • active,
  • current,
  • official,
  • immense,
  • unexpected, treacherous,
  • clumsy inefficient,
  • routine prewar,
  • comprehensive, universal,
  • wide industrial,
  • possible, direct,
  • partial,
  • wonderful german,
  • total or partial,
  • german general,
  • economic and military,
  • speedier,
  • full and complete,
  • austro-hungarian,
  • military and naval,
  • immune,
  • unjustifiable,
  • more effective,
  • purposeless,
  • abdominal,
  • pertinent,
  • quicker,
  • inefficient,
  • cumbersome,
  • provisional,
  • tardy,
  • presidential,
  • eventual,
  • confidential,
  • mercenary,
  • conscientious,
  • comprehensive,
  • belgian,
  • swiss,
  • suspicious,
  • thorough,
  • treacherous,
  • hostile,
  • initial,
  • mechanical,
  • effective,
  • commercial,
  • frequent,
  • tremendous,
  • european,
  • extraordinary,
  • mental,
  • social,
  • principal,
  • peculiar,
  • final,
  • massive,
  • vast,
  • open,
  • various,
  • less,
  • whole,
  • certain,
  • panicky general,
  • recent full,
  • necessarily slow,
  • own revolutionary,
  • military and scientific,
  • french general,
  • british military,
  • instant,
  • great national,
  • economic,
  • continuous,
  • expensive,
  • swift,
  • permanent,
  • false,
  • political,
  • perfect,
  • regular,
  • full military,
  • french and british,
  • prewar,
  • premature,
  • fortunate,
  • canadian,
  • formal,
  • secret,
  • grand,
  • broad and diversified,
  • swiftest,
  • diversified,
  • up-to-date,
  • speedy,
  • revolutionary,
  • adequate,
  • perpetual,
  • scientific,
  • extensive,
  • direct,
  • italian,
  • major,
  • broad,
  • huge,
  • all-out,
  • simultaneous,
  • naval,
  • turkish,
  • successful,
  • further,
  • large-scale,
  • strategic,
  • soviet,
  • mere,
  • general,
  • slow,
  • national,
  • quick,
  • possible,
  • british,
  • defensive,
  • industrial,
  • sudden,
  • totally unexpected,
  • universal,
  • unexpected,
  • actual,
  • full-scale,
  • bulgarian,
  • immediate,
  • austrian,
  • military,
  • french,
  • rapid,
  • complete,
  • partial,
  • total,
  • german,
  • full,
  • general.