What is another word for modelling?

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Modelling is the art of representing an object or space in a three-dimensional form. However, there are various words that can be used as synonyms for the word modelling. Some of these synonyms include sculpting, carving, fashioning, shaping, molding, molding, casting, crafting, making, building, constructing, designing, drafting, and engineering. Each of these synonyms has its unique connotation and usage, but they all refer to the act of creating or shaping something in a three-dimensional form. Overall, having a good understanding of the synonyms for modelling can help one to communicate more effectively and expressively when describing creative works.

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    Modelling is one technique used to engineer, create and represent systems, processes, and organizations using mathematics and computer science. It is a way to visualize and represent systems by converting abstract concepts into mathematical models. This allows for the examination and analysis of the system as a whole, as well as the manipulation of individual parts. Models can be used to improve process planning and control, understand system behavior, and support decision making.

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