What is another word for mohammedan?

Pronunciation: [mə͡ʊhˈamɪdən] (IPA)

The term "Mohammedan" has been traditionally used as a synonym to refer to Muslims, but it is considered outdated and inaccurate. In fact, several alternative terms have gained popularity in recent years, including 'Islamic,' 'Muslim,' and 'Muhammadan.' The term 'Islamic' refers to anything relating to Islam, while 'Muslim' is a person who belongs to the religion of Islam. 'Muhammadan' is a term used by some scholars to emphasize the importance of Prophet Muhammad in Islam. Other alternatives include 'followers of Islam,' 'believers in Islam,' or simply 'Muslims.' These terms are more accurate and respectful to the Muslim community, replacing "Mohammedan" with a more inclusive language.

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    • Proper noun, singular
      muhammadiyah, mahmoudiya.

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Usage examples for Mohammedan

My mohammedan guide, who told me about this fakir, was rather a fine specimen and had read much; and though he did not belong to the same church as the fakir, he held him in great respect, and he told me very seriously-that he could raise the dead-he knew a man who knew another man who had actually seen it done!
"From Edinburgh to India & Burmah"
William G. Burn Murdoch
One of the servants, perhaps, keeping up his mohammedan rules on the question of wine upon the wrong side.
"One Maid's Mischief"
George Manville Fenn
It is curious to realize that this people should have succeeded in keeping aloof from their conquerors so as not only to retain their own language in its purity, but also their personal resemblance to their mohammedan ancestors.
"The Story of Malta"
Maturin M. Ballou

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