What is another word for mola?

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"Mola" is a Spanish word for a type of traditional textile art made by the Kuna Indigenous people of Panama. While there are no direct synonyms for "mola", a similar word in English would be "applique", which is the technique of applying one material onto another to form a design or pattern. Other related terms could include "embroidery", "quilting", or "sewing", all of which involve creating decorative designs using fabric and thread. However, "mola" is a unique and specific word that describes a specific type of cultural art, and cannot be fully translated or substituted with any other term.

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    The word "mola" comes from the Fijian word for "turn" or "verge." This turnip variety was originally grown in the remote Ratanakiri Province in southeast Cambodia. It is a true turnip, not a Daikon or a turnip cultivar like the white turnip (named for its creamy-white skin and characteristic sweet flavor).

    The mola turnip is a small turnip variety with a convex or rounded shape and a deep purple skin. The flesh is uniformly pale yellow, and the flavor is mild and slightly sweet.

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