What is another word for molybdenum?

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Molybdenum is a metallic element with the atomic number 42. It is a hard and silvery-white transition metal that is used to make various alloys. It is an important element for many industrial applications, including stainless steel production, aerospace industry, and high-temperature applications. Some synonyms for molybdenum include Mo, atomic number 42, and refractory metal. It is also commonly referred to as a transition metal and is part of the periodic table's sixth group or column. Other related elements in this group include chromium, tungsten, and seaborgium. Knowing synonyms for molybdenum can aid in communication and technical discussions surrounding this crucial element.

How to use "Molybdenum" in context?

Molybdenum is a metal that is most commonly found as a component in steel. It has an array of industrial uses, from manufacturing steel from iron and other metals to catalysts for chemical reactions. Fossils of molybdenum dating back over one billion years have been found. Molybdenum is also a mineral, most notably molybdenite, which is found in nature.

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