What is another word for more freethinking?

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More freethinking is a term that refers to individuals who have the ability to think and act independently without the influence of traditional norms or constraints. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe individuals who are "more freethinking". Some examples include independent-minded, unorthodox, free-spirited, unconventional, open-minded, and nonconformist. These words all describe individuals who are not afraid to break away from mainstream ideas and think for themselves. More freethinking individuals are often seen as revolutionary and innovative in their approach to life. They have the ability to challenge established norms and create new pathways towards progress and change.

How to use "More freethinking" in context?

Freethinking is an essential part of the scientific method. It entails questioning everything, including our beliefs and presuppositions about the world. Freethinking leads to better understanding and more innovative thinking.

Freethinking is the antithesis of dogmatism. Dogmatism is a belief in absolute knowledge and fixed doctrines. Dogmatism prevents us from examining our beliefs critically and from testing them against the evidence.

Freethinking is a necessary component of rationality. Rationality requires that we take all of the evidence into account and make reasoned decisions based on that information. Freethinking allows us to do this properly.

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