What is another word for more law-abiding?

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The phrase 'more law-abiding' refers to the act of following laws and regulations. Some synonyms for this phrase include 'law respecting', 'compliant', 'observant', 'rule-abiding', 'obedient', 'conformist', 'orderly', 'disciplined', 'lawful', 'peaceful' and 'well-behaved'. These terms can be used interchangeably depending on the context in which they are being used to describe individuals or groups that adhere to legal requirements. In essence, being more law-abiding means showing respect for the rule of law, which is vital for maintaining social stability and order, and ensuring that justice is served.

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    The week following the big Righetti robbery and shootout, some in the law enforcement community were calling for a decrease in arrests. The theory is that if officers are met with less resistance, they may feel less pulled into dangerous, high-stress situations.

    This sentiment is becoming more and more popular, with many law enforcement officers in Phoenix and other big cities saying they feel they are constantly in danger and that they are not getting the backing they need to do their job safely.

    Critics of this theory say that we cannot expect officers to restrain themselves if the public does not also practice restraint.

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