What is another word for most cowed?

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Most cowed refers to someone who is extremely intimidated and frightened, often to the point of being unable to speak up or stand up for themselves. Some synonyms for the word "most cowed" include scared, frightened, timid, fearful, nervous, shy, intimidated, and hesitant. Other phrases that can be used to describe an individual who is most cowed include "a shrinking violet," "a mouse," or "a doormat." These words and phrases can be used to describe individuals who lack confidence and feel powerless in the face of danger or confrontation. It is important for these individuals to seek support and empowerment to overcome their fears and stand up for themselves.

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How to use "Most cowed" in context?

When most people think of being cowed, they think of being controlled or intimidated. But, there are certain groups of people who are cowed in a completely different way. For example, police officers may be cowed when they are surrounded by a hostile crowd. Military servicemen may be cowed when they know they could die in battle. And, politicians may be cowed when they are meeting with constituents angry about their policies. Cowedness stems from a fear of not being able to protect oneself or those around you, and it is a powerful feeling.

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