What is another word for most enticed?

Pronunciation: [mˈə͡ʊst ɛntˈa͡ɪst] (IPA)

The word "entice" refers to attracting or tempting someone with something desirable. Therefore, synonyms for the phrase "most enticed" could include terms such as allured, lured, tempted, seduced, enchanted, captivated, beguiled, charmed, fascinated and enchanted. These words all suggest a sense of attraction that is hard to resist or turn away from. In other words, when someone is "most enticed," they are drawn in by something that has a powerful appeal or allure, something that they cannot help but be captivated by. Whether it is a person, an idea, or a place, when we are "most enticed," we are hooked by something that exerts a strange and irresistible force over us.

What are the opposite words for most enticed?

Most enticed specifically means being attracted towards something or having a strong desire for something. Its antonym would be least enticed, meaning to have little or no interest in something. Other antonyms could be repelled, disgusted, or disinterested. If someone is repelled by something, they feel a strong aversion towards it, making it the opposite of being enticed. Disgusted means having a strong feeling of dislike or revulsion, again, making it the opposite of being enticed. Disinterested means not having any interest in something or being uninvolved, which would be the exact opposite of being enticed.

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