What is another word for mother of our lord?

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[ mˈʌðəɹ ɒv a͡ʊ͡ə lˈɔːd], [ mˈʌðəɹ ɒv a‍ʊ‍ə lˈɔːd], [ m_ˈʌ_ð_ə_ɹ ɒ_v aʊə l_ˈɔː_d]

The phrase "mother of our Lord" is a common title used to refer to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ in Christianity. However, there are several other synonyms used to refer to Mary. One of the most common synonyms is "Virgin Mary," which emphasizes her miraculous conception and virginity. Another is "Mother of God," which emphasizes the divinity of Jesus as the Son of God. "Holy Mary" emphasizes her purity and goodness. "Queen of Heaven" emphasizes her exalted position as the mother of Jesus. Regardless of the synonym used, Mary is a revered figure in Christianity and is seen as a model of faith and devotion.

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    The title of mother of our lord means raising Jesus Christ from the dead. She is also called the woman of Sorrows because of her role in the crucifixion and burial of her son. The Catholic Church honors her on the Sunday before Easter as the religious patron saint of mothers and children.

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