What is another word for mottled?

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Mottled is a word that refers to something spotted or marked with different colors or shades. There are several synonyms for mottled that can be used to describe various objects such as skin, fabrics, and surfaces. Some examples of synonyms for mottled are speckled, blotchy, streaked, flecked, dappled, marbled, and variegated. These words can be used to describe the appearance of an object and convey a different tone depending on the context. For instance, speckled can imply a sense of roughness or texture, while variegated might suggest a more complex and intricate pattern. Overall, synonyms for mottled help to add depth to our descriptions and help us to paint a more vivid picture of the world around us.

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    Mottled, adjective 1: marked with spots or streaks of different colors, sizes, or degrees of brightness; quaggy; ragged; jumbled; 2: having a mottled surface; uneven; 3: having an irregular or undefined shape. Whether it's the shoreline covered in mottled rocks or the coats of many of the animals in the forest, mottledness is often indicative of a more rugged or intricate surface. In nature, mottled surfaces can provide shelter, disguise predators, and keep prey from seeing each other.

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