What is another word for mountain lily?

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Mountain lily is a beautiful flowering plant that is known for its bright and striking appearance. While it is commonly referred to as mountain lily, there are several other terms that are often used to describe this stunning plant. Some of the synonyms for mountain lily include alpine lily, snow lily, and glacier lily. These names reflect the plant's natural habitat and the environments in which it thrives. Regardless of what you choose to call it, the mountain lily remains a beloved symbol of natural beauty, and it will continue to grace gardens, mountainsides, and natural environments for generations to come.

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The mountain lily (Lilium montium) is a perennial bulb with a smooth, slightly hairy surface. The flowering stems grow up to one meter tall and are crowned with nodding lily-of-the-valley flowers. The leaves are narrowly triangular, up to 30 cm long, and coarsely toothed. The undersides of the leaves are densely covered in fine hair. The bulbs are rare and grow in only a few locations in Europe.

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