What is another word for mouse button?

Pronunciation: [mˈa͡ʊs bˈʌtən] (IPA)

A mouse button is a key component of a computer mouse, allowing users to interact with their computer and perform various actions. While the most common synonyms for the term "mouse button" are "left-click," "right-click," and "middle-click," there are several other phrases that can also be used to describe these critical mouse controls. Some of these synonyms include "mouse key," "button press," "clicker," "mouse switch," "selection button," "pointer button," and "cursor key." Regardless of the term used to describe them, mouse buttons are an essential aspect of computing, allowing users to navigate their devices with ease and efficiency.

Synonyms for Mouse button:

What are the hypernyms for Mouse button?

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What are the hyponyms for Mouse button?

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What are the holonyms for Mouse button?

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