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[ mˈʌdə͡l], [ mˈʌdə‍l], [ m_ˈʌ_d_əl]

Muddle is a verb that refers to the act of confusing or mixing things up. Other words that can be used as synonyms for muddle include jumble, mess, mix-up, befuddle, confuse, scramble, discombobulate, and disarrange. When ideas are mixed up, they can be described as garbled or incoherent. When something is confusing, it can be called perplexing or puzzling. Similarly, throwing things into disarray can be described as disordering. When someone is unable to think clearly, they can be said to be muddled. All these words are useful to describe situations that involve confusion, chaos, and disorganization.

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How to use "Muddle" in context?

Muddle is to mix something incorrectly, often loosely referring to confuse or baffled thinking. Origins of the word are unknown, but it is first recorded in 1598. The word has numerous meanings, but is often used to refer to an unspecified mixture. In modern usage, muddle usually implies that something is difficult to understand or to follow.

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