What is another word for mudra?

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Mudra is a Sanskrit word that translates to "seal," "gesture," or "mark." In Indian culture, mudras are hand gestures used during yoga, meditation, and dance to symbolize certain actions, emotions, or states of awareness. Although the word "mudra" is commonly used in yoga practice, it has several synonyms that describe the same concept. Some of the synonyms for mudra include hasta, which means "hand," and kaya, which means "body." These words refer to the physical aspect of mudras, while their spiritual significance is expressed through terms like adhara, which means "foundation," and prana, which means "life force." Regardless of the word used, mudras remain an integral part of Indian culture and tradition.

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How to use "Mudra" in context?

Mudra contemplation is one of the oldest and most popular methods of self-help worldwide. Mudras denote hand gestures that are associated with a certain sound, mantra or prayer. They are considered to be an essential part of spiritual practice and can be used for many purposes such as relaxation, focus and concentration, grounding, reducing stress and enhancing energy. Mudras are generally simple and freehand gestures that can be performed with the palms together or open. Some of the most common mudras are listed below.

Bhumisparswa: The thumb and first two fingers are touching and the remaining fingers are extended.

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