What is another word for mukataa?

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[ mjˈuːkɐtˌɑː], [ mjˈuːkɐtˌɑː], [ m_j_ˈuː_k_ɐ_t_ˌɑː]

"Mukataa" is an Arabic word that refers to a tax collection system which was implemented during the Ottoman Empire. It was applied on agricultural lands and crops, and the tax collector was often referred to as a "muktar". Some possible synonyms for "mukataa" could include "taxation", "imposition", "levy", "tariff", "tribute", "assessment", or "duty". These terms all refer to some form of financial obligation or burden placed on individuals or entities. However, "mukataa" specifically refers to the Ottoman system of taxation, so other possible synonyms might be more culturally specific, such as "timar" or "vaka".

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    The mukataa is a traditional cloak worn by men in the highlands of Ethiopia, Arabia and some parts of Somalia. It is made of goat or sheepskin, and is often specially decorated with intricate stitching. The mukataa is also a versatile piece of clothing, suitable for general use during the cold seasons, as well as during religious ceremonies.

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