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Mullah is a title used in the Muslim community for an educated or learned man who leads the daily prayers at a mosque. In some cases, it also refers to a religious teacher or judge. However, there are several synonyms for the word 'Mullah.' For instance, in Shia Islam, the term 'Ayatollah' is used for a high-ranking cleric who has achieved a significant level of religious education and knowledge. Another word used in the Muslim community is 'Sheikh,' which is used to refer to a person who is a respected scholar or an elder of the community. Additionally, the word 'Imam' is used to describe a leader or a guide, both in a religious and secular context.

How to use "Mullah" in context?

In the Islamic faith, a mullah is a learned man, typically in the religious male half of the population. He is usually a cleric and leader of a congregation, and is responsible for teaching Muslim beliefs and practices. In more recent times, mullahs have come to be seen as spiritual advisors to their people, and have become a powerful force in Afghan politics.

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