What is another word for Murmured?

248 synonyms found


[ mˈɜːməd], [ mˈɜːməd], [ m_ˈɜː_m_ə_d]

Synonyms for Murmured:

How to use "Murmured" in context?

When I heard the moving vans pull up in front of my house, I knew it was time to say goodbye to everything I knew. My dad had passed away a few months earlier and my mother was moving in with her sister. I packed up my things carefully, not wanting to ruin any of the memories we had together. My mom was sulky and quiet most of the way there and I was guessing she was a little sad too. But when we got there, she let out a long sigh of relief and started unpacking. We went room by room, taking everything down and stacking it on the curb.

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