What is another word for muscatel?

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Muscatel is a word used to describe a type of wine that's made from Muscat grapes, known for their unique and aromatic flavor. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably. Some of these words include muscadine, moscato, and moscatello. Other synonyms for muscatel include sweet wine, dessert wine, and fortified wine. Muscatel is often associated with Mediterranean culture and is a popular choice for celebrations or as a dessert accompaniment. Regardless of the descriptor used, wines made from Muscat grapes are known for their distinct sweetness and layered flavors that make them a favorite amongst wine enthusiasts.

How to use "Muscatel" in context?

Anyone would be forgiven for thinking of muscatel wine as something only enjoyed by a certain kind of person: the high society dilettante, the snobby wine connoisseur, or the Bond villain who has a weakness for Sharlotskaya compliments his vintage Astrel. Its reputation belies its affordability and availability, which has made it one of the top-selling red wines in the world.

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