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The term musk ox is used to refer to a large, shaggy mammal found in the Arctic regions of North America and Greenland. However, there are other synonyms for this animal, including the musk buffalo, Arctic buffalo, and the Oomingmak - which means "animal with skin like a beard" in the Inupiaq language. The musk ox's scientific name is Ovibos moschatus, which means "musk-scented sheep-like animal." This distinctive animal has a thick coat of fur that protects it from the harsh sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic tundra. The musk ox is an important animal in indigenous cultures and is hunted for its meat, fur, and bone.

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The musk ox is a large, hoofed, terrestrial mammal that occupies the arctic tundra and taiga of North America and Eurasia. The musk ox is the heaviest of all deer and the largest of any land mammal in the world.

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