What is another word for mustard plant?

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[ mˈʌstəd plˈant], [ mˈʌstəd plˈant], [ m_ˈʌ_s_t_ə_d p_l_ˈa_n_t]

The Mustard plant, also known as Brassica juncea, is a popular spice that is used all around the world. It is also called mustard greens, Indian mustard or Chinese mustard in different regions. The term mustard plant primarily refers to the plant's seeds that are used to make mustard sauce, but other parts of the plant are also used for various purposes. In some areas, mustard plant is called brown mustard, oriental mustard, or leaf mustard. Some other common synonyms for mustard plant include mustard spinach, Sarepta mustard, and tumbling mustard. Regardless of the name used, this plant is a versatile and flavorful addition to any kitchen.

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How to use "Mustard plant" in context?

The mustard plant (Sinapis alba) is a herbaceous annual plant that is native to Eurasia and North Africa. It is a self-fertile wildflower. The plant is commonly referred to as mustard, field mustard, white mustard, or yellow mustard.

The leaves are alternate, compound, with the longest stalk at the centre and finely serrated margins. The flowers are hermaphrodite, and the petals are yellow with an orange centre. The fruits are capsule-like, with a hard cover and numerous small black seeds.

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